Retail Activity & Footfall Conversion, Suspicious Activity &

Fraud Alerts, POS Equipment Monitoring

Customer Conversion

Improve cutomer experience and convertion to transaction by
tracking activity using people counters at entrance and exits. From
Beer Caves to Coffee Machines, profile equipment usage using door
open/close and vibration sensors. Connect devices with IP controllers
directly to the Qopper Platform.

Suspicious Activity Reporting


Monitor On-site transactions for suspicious activity. This
includes credit/debit card fraud, void transaction behavior, etc.
Correlate transaction activity to consumer behavior in-store
like coffee machine usage, open/close of refridgerator door, etc.
Flag absence of transactions as indications of equipment
failure or other suspicious activity.

Device Management Tools

Track Software Updates and Monitor suspicious activity on secure
devices. Integrate PCI compliant notifications for IT activities on
device including OTP notifications. Improve overall Manageability,
Uptime and reliability of on-site IT equipment.