Optimize Energy Costs, Improve Equipment Monitoring

and Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Utility Usage Monitoring

Leverage current and flow sensors to track electricity, water and
gas usage. Correlate to Temperature/Humidity on Equipment and
on-site weather. Predict, Prevent and Automate incident
management with rules and self-learning capabilities.

Energy Storage


The PowerPod is the smart home battery backup system
designed to save on electricity costs and protect against
blackouts. Maximize savings on your utility bill by pairing your
PowerPod with solar. When grid power goes down, maintain
power to critical home appliances ensuring safety and
peace-of-mind. PowerPod supports autonomous off-grid
applications with loads up to 21 kW peak per inverter
(16.5 kW continuous). PowerPod can be DC coupled for brand new systems or installed without solar.