People Counters, Door and Vibration Sensors for Footfall

and Activity Tracking and Conversion

Occupancy Monitor


Make customer safety a priority by deploying our People
Counters for Occupancy Management. Deploy at entrances
and exits to maintain up to the minute, accurate count of
foot traffic by zone. Supports multiple people counters per
zone as well as multiple zones per site.

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Customer Conversion

Improve cutomer experience and convertion to transaction by
tracking activity using people counters at entrance and exits. From
Beer Caves to Coffee Machines, profile equipment usage using door
open/close and vibration sensors. Connect devices with IP controllers
directly to the Qopper Platform.

Restroom/Dressing Room Occupancy


Improve cutomer safety by monitoring foot traffic to/from
Restroom or Dressing room area. Get Alerts and Notifications
for occupancy time limits exceeded.