Our Mission Is to Transform Connected Spaces

Our Name

Copper, one of the most important metals in human history is the inspiration for the name Qopper.
Copper was key to transitioning humankind from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. The metal
Copper has Medicinal powers, conducts electricity extremely well, as the alloy Bronze is used to
create weapons and ushered the Bronze Age. Qopper is envisioned to enable a similar transition in
our physical world, as Physical Spaces connect more seamlessly with the digital assets and cloud
services, and the boundary between the physical and virtual world blurs.

Our Inspiration

“We must develop a comprehensive and globally shared
view of how technology is affecting our lives and
reshaping our economic, social, cultural and human
environments. There has never been a time of greater
promise or greater peril.”

- Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman,
World Economic Forum

Our Vision

We envision a future where technology solutions seamlessly function in physical spaces. Built
environment operators will leverage a rich portfolio of products and services to create enriching
experiences for their customers.

Our Belief

Qopper was founded in the belief that sensors, smart devices and connected embedded systems are changing our built environments. While embedded applications and distributed systems have been around for decades, their coming together is changing the scale and complexity of physical spaces, transforming them in unprecedented ways. More importantly, the pace of this transformation is accelerating. If you lack real-time visibility into the physical spaces you operate; If you frequently interact with a spectrum of remote site managers, field workers, solutions providers and service technicians; If you have ever experienced challenges deploying technology solutions over multiple locations, fraught with version inconsistencies, interoperability and compatibility issues across assets and vendors, frequent rollbacks of software updates and setbacks with looming deadlines, you are not alone. Most built environment operators routinely experience unplanned and unscheduled incidents during the technology upgrades. Monitoring and support of inter-connected operational environments is an ongoing challenge with the end to end systems usually being in a perpetual state of instability. This poses an increasingly greater risk to productivity, efficiency and business continuity. The Qopper platform was designed specifically with the intent of tackling these challenges and creating the Smart spaces of tomorrow. In a world that is becoming increasingly connected and interdependent, our goal is to improve overall operational efficiency for the operators and product performance for the technology vendors.

Qopper Leadership Team

Alok Bhanot

Founder & CEO

A successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Alok's last startup, Inkiru tackled predictive analytics challenges for merchants and financial institutions, and was acquired by Walmart in 2013. In prior executive roles at Verifone, eBay, PayPal and Visa, he built and operated highly scalable platforms.

Brad McGuinness


Recognized as one of the 50 most influential people in the Convenience Store Industry, Brad has been a leader in retail payments and operations for over 30 years. He has built some of the most successful payment platforms used by millions of retail merchants around the world.

Paul Robertson

VP Sales

Paul is a US Navy Veteran with over 20 years of POS and Retail Store Operations experience. He comes from a strong technical background and has assisted Customers and Distribution Partners in understanding the complexities of Retail Operations Automation.

Thierry Neel

Chief Architect

Thierry works on platform and infrastructure. Prior to Qopper, Thierry architected the commerce platform for payment terminals at Verifone and built large scale distributed systems at eBay, Charles Schwab, Wachovia and Bankers Trust.

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