Rapidly Growing Footprint


Qopper For COVID-19

Why Qopper?


Capture new events with 70+ fully managed sensors and devices


AI-driven actionable insights and alerts to drive positive business outcomes


The network intelligently adapts to changing business and operational needs

Industry Solutions

  • Capture foot traffic and recieve insights around leading indicator
  • Improve staff productivity through IT automation
  • Optimize energy and operational expenses
  • Comply with food and beverage safety regulations
  • Meter and bill tenant consumption of utilities and services
  • Offer enhanced services through IT automation
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Manage remote sites with enhanced collaboration tools
  • Eliminate congestion by capturing foot traffic and customer flow
  • Improve customer experience with actionable dwell time insights
  • Prevent damage to artwork from unfavorable environmental conditions
  • Streamline operations with IT and energy consumption insights
  • Stem losses from payment fraud